President’s Message March 2017

Looks like our ice on skating rink is done for the year with the nice weather we received. I would like to thank the rink ratz for all their hard work this year and Brian S. and Donovan for coming up with the new Zamboni attachment for our tractor. Any of you that came out to the skate party would have noticed a smoother ice than we have previously had.We are having the Fun Money Casino to March 25. We are still looking for additional items for door prizes and silent auction items, if you or your company can spare items please contact Sue at the centre. Continue reading

President’s Message Feb 2017

Kids Christmas Party, Family Skate Party, Casino, Easter Events … busy times.

By now we would have had the free Family Skate Party… I am assuming we had good weather and were able to have it this year. Last year it was a puddle and a little warm for the ice. Thanks to all the volunteers, the rink rats and our staff for helping out.

Rink Rats – what can I say? The crews have been doing a great job, the ice is looking good. Thank you to Brian Moule for keeping us organized and everyone has been working hard to get the large amounts of snow removed from both rink and parking lot.

More fun… Plans are underway for another Fun Money Casino for Mar 25. This is a great event that many of you have probably enjoyed in the past. I know Karina and I sure have. We will have music, special drinks, lots of prizes, Silent auction items etc. Our Fun Money Casino is a good fund raiser for us – so please invite your friends and neighbors. If you are in a position within a company that could donate, we are looking for donations for prizes and silent auction items, please contact the front desk.

Advance Notice – Community Clean up tentatively ( upon city approval) is set for Sept 9, 2017

Thank you to Richard Gotfried and Peter Demong for donations to kids’ Xmas party.

I see we had some reworks again News Years Eve that lasted about 1⁄2 an hour, thank you for who was responsible for the show. Not saying it wasn’t, but please make sure in future that area is cleaned up after.

We are looking at replacing lights around rink. Wondering if there is someone in area that might be able to donate bucket truck time to help us do this. We are able to o er a Tax deductible receipt for value of the use, and remember we are able to o er that for donations in future if that helps on your taxes.

That’s it for this letter, thanks again for reading and see you at the Free Family Skate Party.

Kim Semeniuk


Presidents Message – November 2016

Hope everyone had a great Halloween.

This is just a short message as I have been tardy working long hours and been for most part going 7 days a week. Thank you Peter for the bbq you through and the cheque for memberships that were handed out there on behalf of yourself and sponsors. Original 16 brewing company has teamed up with Filos and have chosen Deer Run to receive $.25 from every original 16 beer sold at Filos. Remember our AGM is Nov 16, we will be redoing our bylaws that e ects us all. Please review them online at our website or copies are available at community centre prior to meeting so meeting can go as smooth as possible. This is a very important meeting so your attendance would be appreciated. Susan Tam has been doing a great job with our fb page and social media, but is getting to much with everything else we have her helping with. We are looking for a volunteer that would like to gel us with our social media presence, fb and Twitter being the top two. Please leave your back at the centre or send an email to Susan if you’re interested. Hope everyone has a good Nov and will have dates for kids xmas party in December’s message.



Presidents Message – October 2016

Was hoping to escape some of our weather we been having on this trip to Victoria for work. May not be as cold and wet as Calgary but it is only going to be 13-15 Celsius, no rain at least. Left my poor wife Karina to fend the garden from the frost by herself. This is rst year in three since we got out Samoyed that Karina has been able to put a garden in, so I know she is happy regard- less.
Continue reading

Presidents Message – September 2016

eminder of our community cleanup on September 10 Peter Demong’s Ward 14 barbeque coming up at south centre on September 24 and our AGM in late October. We will be doing new bylaws and will be on the website for review and at the front desk.

Hope everyone had a great summer vacation and back to work and school I guess.

Presidents Message – August 2016

What a week of weather we had. Hopefully everyone stayed dry, not too much ooding and you got home alright.

I’d like to start by apologizing to the people of Fort Ma- cleod and Fort McMurray. In my previous letter I referred to the res in Fort Macleod, it was actually supposed to read the res in Fort McMurray.

Also, be aware that there is an individual that is going around our neighbourhood going into backyards. He has slashed a swimming pool in which a picture was taken of him in the act. Just be aware that we do have people coming through our neighbourhood and keep an eye out and do call the police if you witnessed such activity.

We also have witnessed people going on this new craze called Pokémon GO. Not sure if many are aware of this but the community centre is a Pokémon stop. Interest- ing. All I can say is stay safe if playing. For a chuckle for the people that like wine you might want to look up Chardonnay Go, it’s a YouTube video by a comedian.

Everyone enjoy the rest your summer and see you at the Community Cleanup in September!


Presidents Message – June 2016

Been a nice couple months since my last letter. We managed to get most of our garden in here and at our farm. Having help from co-workers and family sure helps this happen easier.

I was driving to an appointment today from our store in Forest Lawn/ Dover and pulled behind a trailer from Greater Forest Lawn Senior Citizens Society. It was for their Snow and Mow program and thought it was a great idea for our community. I would like to hear from you about your thoughts. I know many of us already help neighbours as we can, but if you know someone who could use a hand or would be willing to help those in need. If we have a good response on both sides we could use some folks to step up and help coordinate as well. Let me know your thoughts (contact us online) !

As I write this letter we have had our Stampede Breakfast. What a great Continue reading

President’s Message October 2015

Wow, we had another successful month.

We got a lot cleaned up at the community center. Thank you to everyone that helped in the internal clean up of the center prior to the trucks showing up. Etienne wrote this, I did tweak it some but he did such a good job I had to use it.

2015 cleanup. Thank you volunteers. Thank you Deer Run. Continue reading

Presidents Message Mays 2016

Well this has definitely been the earliest that i have seen the trees with leaves and my tulips flowering. We have had an amazing winter so far but am holding to the rule of placing the garden in till long weekend as there is some cooler weather still to come, short blasts. but still some snow.

With another successful fun money casino behind us, I would like to thank Lori Froese for organizing the event, with help of many other from the bored that worked on getting items from local businesses of door prizes and silent auction items. I will have a full list of the local business for next newsletter. When out shopping, please be sure to give them any business to meet your needs.

Our next function is June 18th which is our Stampede Breakfast which is aways a great time for the family. In August, we will have our Annual slow Pitch Tournament and September 10 is our Community Clean Up, so please mark these date on your calendar.

That is all for this month, Wishing you all a good one and hope we get the moisture we need without it turning cold.


President’s Message August 2015

This will be a short one since I was able to cover most things last month and we don’t usually have a board meeting till August to discuss pending issues from summer.

We should be 1/2 way done getting our much needed new gym floors installed by the time you read this.

Two things coming up are our annual slow pitch tournament (Aug 14, 15) and our annual community clean up (Sept 12) more info in the villager.

Hope everyone is having a great summer and chat with you next month.