More good weather with even warmer weather on its way, we have defi nitely been spoiled again and I am for one not arguing.

I missed a few folks in last month’s letter thanking them for their contributions towards the Fun Money Casino. Thank you goes out to Gina Manian-Juenesse, House of Ohm, Heritage Park and Johnny’s Hobby.

Upcoming Events are listed on the right of our website.

We were also updated on status of our skatepark. It will not be built until 2016-2017 now as the process has taken longer than expected but still in works, at least.

Anyone that can help we are looking for Volunteers for the Stampede Breakfast. As it is our 35th Anniversary our regular volunteers will be stretched thin with all the activities planned. We will also be setting up tables showcasing local crafters and businesses. If you might be interested, contact Sue Read at the centre.

See you all at the Stampede Breakfast!


President’s Message May 2015

This is going to be a quick letter as Great News has extended my deadline enough, MIL had a heart attack and I have been tied up.
Would like to thank everyone who contributed to our Fun Casino, it was a great event, especially the companies and individuals who donated for our silent auction. Donors are featured on our website here.

Upcoming events are listed on the right of our web page.

As some of you know we are celebrating our 35 year this year and are looking for old pictures, stories/memories to share with everyone. We have some members that have been here since the community was founded and looking towards them to come forward to share some of the many reasons why this community is so great. Please either email info at – or drop o to the front desk at community centre. Thank you in advance.

There has also been some interest put forward from residents to renew/redo our signs for our community, what are your thoughts? Any ideas for designs can also be forwarded to myself. We have two of them, one on Canyon Meadows drive and the other on Bow bottom Trail.

We are also being asked to  fill out a letter to ensure our voices are heard in regards to  food mitigation. These can be either downloaded at our website or available at front desk of centre.
Sounds like Deer Ridge and our Paving will commence in July, looks like during stampede, so take extra caution on way back home from Stampede events please.
Going to call it there, think that covers the things I been asked to bring up. Till next month

President’s Message April 2015

Another gorgeous month in the books! Since I came to Calgary in 1977, this was the nicest winter I can remember. On March 4th we had to make the call that the rink was done as the forecast was too warm to try keep it any longer.

I would like to thank all the Rink Ratz that helped this year. Considering the warm weather, we kept a good ice. At one point we Continue reading

President’s Post – December 2014

Well another AGM done. I would like to congratulate and thank our volunteers of the year. Lois Zver (she took on making our kitchen spotless), Chad Klein (even though he is on staff, has helped every time required and volunteered at many of our functions throughout the year) and one of our own board members, Wanda Kemp (who submits our grants and keeps us on track).

I would like to also thank Wanda for all her hard work as she is stepping down to a director at large position this year due to some time constraints. We were fortunate that Susan Tam stepped up to fill the open spot. Also, in director at large position, Lydia Ann Fox has joined. Thank you to both of these ladies for coming forward and being part of our new board.

After almost 40 minutes of phoning people on our friends list we finally hit quorum (and I don’t have many friends). Even though we only had basic items on list to approve, it is important that you come out so we can get the meeting going on time (It only took 30 minutes from the time we started) and you have your say as important matters come up. Do we have to threaten to increase community memberships, start having membership fees taken directly off with your city property taxes, or even when we had our best turn out development of the surplus school site next to the community centre?

The community only works with your help! It only takes 20 voting members to hold the meeting, in which we already have over half with board members present. Sad, out of 2,300 houses in the community. Enough of my rant, but I think you get how important the AGM is.

Thank you to Peter Demong. His assistant Blair was at our monthly meeting beginning of November and handed us a cheque from Peter’s Annual BBQ in which he hands out free memberships to residents of the communities in his ward via sponsors. This year we got a cheque for $3,120 as we were fortunate that our community clean up coincided the same day and Peter allowed us to take memberships there as well. December 1, the Christmas Wish Tree will be up at the centre. Please go by centre and take a tag to make sure some of the less fortunate families in area have a good Christmas. Santa is coming to the community centre at our Kids Christmas Party on December 14; bring the little ones out to visit St Nick.

We have been approached by the school as well to resurrect our rink project. They are interested in putting together a hockey program and might have some donor with money to help. We are presently putting together a joint committee to explore the project. If you know of a corporation that has grants/ funds available please forward them to us. Also remember end of year is coming and, as a registered charity, the DRCA can give tax deductable receipts for donations. Keep your tax dollars locally rather than it going to Ottawa. Remember, if you want them to go to the rink project, you must specify at time of donation or will be allocated to the community centre.

Speaking of the rink, we have been starting to flood it and, by the time this letter comes out, we should have the ice up. If anyone has time to spare a few hours a week we are setting up teams at the moment. Contact Brian Moule to add your name.

That is it for this rant.

Have a safe Christmas and chat again in January 2015.

P.S. Yes you have to put up with me for another year, no
one wanted my job.

President’s Message March 2014

Wow, time is just flying by, here I am writing another letter. With my schedule as of late it has been interesting to find the time needed to write this. Thanks to Kelly Sigethy for keep on reminding me of the deadline. 😀

Feb 8th
we had our family skate party, it was a nice day but cold. Good thing for the warm potatoes and fire pit roaring to keep folks warm, we also hid on the west side of the building to be out of the wind. Chad Klein had the music playing, we had our yearly puck toss in which $25 was won, and even had 4 sets of tickets to world of wheels given to us from Jim Gillespie that we had a free draw for. Thank you to all the volunteers, Makes it a wonderful day regardless of the weather. Thank you also to Lois and Don Zver for thawing the freezer and cleaning it and a bunch of the kitchen at the event as well. With the weather it gave us one of the best ice surfaces we have had in many years. Kudo’s to the great job the rink ratz have done this year. The tractor makes our job a lot easier. As you read this we will have a short skating season left, so try enjoy the fruit of their hard work.

Remember we are having our annual fun Casino coming up Mar 22 this year. This is always a good time with silent auction, the games, food, door prizes and More. This year we are going with a Luau Hawaiian theme, so easy to put together the costumes, so lets see lots of folks out. We can always use a hand to help set up and/or if your company would like to donate items for the silent auction, let Kathy or the centre know. Thank you Kathy McFarland for once again organizing this event. The AED has arrived at the centre and a number of staff and organizations that use the centre have taken the course on how to use it.

March 14th

will also be our Jellybean dance. At our last board meeting we had Andrew Hughes, our community liaison for Calgary Police Service out. His base is out of District 8 office at 403-567-6800 and email of . He mentioned for us to report ANY offences, no matter how small( can be done online at Calgary Police website – they use cop logic technology). What this does it gives him more accurate numbers for our area and if there is a larger issue can get us higher in the resource dispersementque to address it faster.

Also MitzieWasyliw with the Ranche at Fish Creek Restoration Society presented a lot of the work they have been doing and future plans for the Artisan Gardens. If you haven’t been by there lately it might be an interesting outing for the entire family.

We have the diamonds also booked for our annual ball tournament which will be Aug 8, 9, 10 this year. We are also looking for a reasonably priced sea container 20’- 40’ for storage. If anyone has one they are not using that they might want to sell or donate please let me know. I know we are doing some changes to the membership forms, which you should see over the next few issues. Thank you Rachel Noto and Etienne Bley for taking on this project. If you don’t have a membership you can get one via three ways. At the front desk, form in the newsletter and online at our website. We count on these memberships to help run the centre and bring you all the fun events. Back to the grind for me, trying to get some of the out door projects done while we have this Chinook.

Have a good month everyone,


President’s Message – February 2014

What a great run of warm weather we are presently having as I write this letter. Hope everyone’s streets have either been cleared or solidified up like ours has, making it a lot easier to get around. We have still been able to continue putting layers of water down on the rink, keeping it decent. A little colder weather prior to the Family skate party on Feb 8th would be nice to prepare the ice. Come by if not to skate to have one of our warm baked potatoes, keeps the hands warm and are tasty.

Some of you may have noticed by we took delivery of our new 2320 John Deere tractor this month. Not a moment to soon as we were able to clear the last big dump of snow without calling in a bobcat and we have started working on getting the parking lot back under control. We will work at getting it totally clear and keep it that

We have a number of functions scheduled for this new

Feb 8 Family Skate
Feb 21 Movie night
Mar 22 Fun Money Casino
(we hold a silent auction that raises money for the centre during this function. If any firms that you work for want to make a donation of a Service/Product it would be appreciated.)

April 13 Kids Easter Party
Aug 8,9,10 4th Annual Slow pitch tournament
Sept 13 Community Clean up

We saw in the last newsletter that the Droos have started a year round bottle drive. If you wish to donate your bottles to the kids drop them off at the centre. We will have also found out more info about the proposed skatepark by the time you read this at one of the three open houses being put on by the city.

We have been approved for a few more grants thanks
to Wanda again, Great Job Girl!!! Over the next number
of months we will be doing work to the centre as part
of our life cycle requirements. Just a short letter this
month, see you all soon at the Skate Party, one of our
other functions or around the centre.


December 2013 President’s Message

I would like to start by thanking Don Zver for not only helping organize the Halloween patrol for many years (18+ year it has been in operation) but also leading our community for more years that is normally asked of our board volunteers. High five to you man, hope I can do a portion of what you have accomplished in your term as president.

Speaking of Halloween patrol, I would like to thank all the drivers and volunteers for helping keep our kids and streets safe this year. Also to Peter Demong for having his annual BBQ, we received a cheque from him for the sale of 32 memberships that were acquired there paid for by various sponsors and himself.

Ok, we have a large list of items to cover this month, always busy after our AGM. We presented three volunteer appreciation awards, Kathy McFarland who helps us out even though she no longer lives in Deer Run, Eldon Kemp who helps out at a number of functions but also puts up with us stealing Wanda’s time with grant applications, and our own Sue Read who has always gone over and above her job description. Welcome to new board member Kelly Sigethy who will be taking over as newsletter director, he also doesn’t live in Deer Run, but we have such a great group and his niece lives here he wanted to be a part of it.

Some items covered at the AGM was the rink project which is looking like it might have to be shelved for now. Bids came in approx. 300k over our projected cost of 276k. Some of the contributing factors as far as we can tell are construction companies are so busy from the June Flood as well we hear concrete prices have gone up. We have briefly looked at possibly doing ashphalt instead but that came in over our original budget as well. We have determined upon research that our original geotechnical report was geared toward the refridgerated ice we originally started working on which in turn has jacked up costs across the board. With these delays we are getting some pressure from our grants CFEB and CIIF. Upon meeting with Peter and a number of City of Calgary representatives along with Don, Wanda and myself it was determined that we should apply to have CFEB realucated(as we cannot apply for any others until it is settled) to some of our life cycle plans and our tractor. This will leave us short of funds for the rink now, unless we can come up with some additional funds right quick in conjunction to an alternate plan for the rink it will have to be shelved. We did also approve to spend up to 25k on replacing our broken and aging weight room equipment, ( we will be applying for grants to try and cover this).

Upon you reading this we should have our tractor which replaces our old mower that we have been having so much trouble with, and allows us to remove snow from our parking lot and rink on a more timely mannor(as we have been hiring external contractors to do this and at their schedules mercy). On this note we are looking for volunteers that may have time to help with the Rink this year so we have an ice for our Kids! I am also asking for one or two volunteers that could help clear snow from the sidewalks as by the time the rink crews are able to do it in the evenings the snow is already packed down.

Some events and new items coming up.

  • Samaritans purse (shoe boxes) is up and running
  • Nov 22 the Xmas wish Tree will be up, come by and grab a tag to help out some families
  • Dec 14 Kids Xmas Party
  • Food Drive box

We have also had some developments in our movie nights, we needed to get a new licence to continue to provide this service. Not cheap, but also allows us to get new releases up to 6 weeks prior to DVD release dates. We are going to try and keep this a free family event, excluding any of the special nights where the new releases are showcased. If you are using this event, donations will be accepted and we ask instead of bringing your own snacks help us by supporting our concession.

Our Poor cellular service might be coming to an end! We received notification that a Telus Cell Tower will be erected at the Fish Creek Water Treatment Plant (1901- 153 ave SE)

We do all this and more! Purchasing your DRCA membership goes a long way. We will be redoing our forms both online and in the villager for our memberships. Included in the new form will be having a box for volunteers, if this is something you would like to contribute a little time towards some of our events. As you know many hands makes light work! Lori Froese is our new Volunteer Coordinator and will be meeting with Rachel, Etienne and Kelly to set up the format.

With this time of year I am going to put out another idea to help DRCA out. DRCA is a Federally Registered Charitable Organization, one of a few communities to have this status. Prior to Dec 31, if you feel you need further right offs to limit the amount of tax you will be paying out, Think of Donating to us! We can issue tax deductible receipts for any donations over $20. This will allow us to better apply for grants as the rules for some of these have changed(requiring us to have more of our own funds up front and be reimbursed). Also if desired you can earmark the funds to be directed to the rink and we can slowly start to pull this project off the shelf.

There is more but will wait for another issue. Randy Petrie shared with us a story the other day when we were cleaning the garage for the upcoming Rink flooding season (Yes Volunteers are still needed). His son was walking home one night across the field playing his music and BOOM! was knocked flat on his butt, as he got back up to his feet, he noticed what had struck him in the chest, a deer regaining its feet. Must have been one of the ones we have seen walking by our front door this last week and that all the local dogs have been barking a storm at. I guess that is how we got our name Deer Run.

Wishing everyone and their families a safe and merry Xmas.

Talk to you in January.


November President’s Message

Here I am again… for now

Peter Demong’s community BBQ went on Sat. 21st. Very well attended. Interesting, but most of the communities in his ward had tables so that residents of each could take advantage of the free memberships which he pays for out of donated funds from various local merchants. We must have had close to 30 Deer Run folks visit a very patient David Brooke and sign up for DRCA.

What is amazing, is that I am pretty sure only Queensland and Deer Run had people show up to help with the cooking and serving. Thanks to Kathy, her daughter Lindsay, Courtney Moule, Mike I. and a friend of his (sorry – ?). Of course Sue Read represented us and Queensland at the same time. There were some others, but I didn’t have a chance to get introduced. Peter has told us that the Deer Run board is the best for support. Way to go, us!!

I was busy and hard work, but regardless, Lois and I had fun, plus the burgers from M&M were darn good !!

The donations and support from Deer Valley merchants like M&M,  Sears,  DV Co-op, etc. make Peter’s event possible… and it is all to the benefit of the communities, a passion of his. Thanks, man.

DRCA’s annual community clean-up held on Sat. 14th was a huge success once again. Wanda and Kim with the help of many others had this perfectly organized.  We may not have quite filled the metals bins, but the electronics fellow was happy, and Kim took a lot of reusable items to the thrift store. About 10 bikes were taken for refurbishment and distribution to those needing a “new” bike. Several folks that came to drop stuff off, noticed the arrangement of reusable items, and left with something they thought they could use. Sorry that the shredding outfit could not make it – it is too costly for them, hopefully we can figure something out for next year. Also, sorry to the folks with car batteries that got turned away… just a communication breakdown. We did get some and it was funny, Kim was wondering why we were not getting very many. We make a bit of money on them, as he has a contact that buys batteries.

The weather was perfect, we all had fun. There was coffee and donuts early on, with really good subs for lunch. The operators from the city were great, very enthusiastic and friendly. About the only thing would be that we sure could use more volunteers. Mark it down for next year, come out with your stuff, but if you can stay to help, we have rewards after it closes.

Thanks to all the volunteers, you know who you are. Thanks to those that took out or renewed their DRCA memberships that day, and everyone that contributed to the donation box.

There’s more… No, there isn’t… just to say thanks to everyone – it has been a blast.

– Don Zver

President’s Message – October 2013

The DRCA Board’s summer hiatus is over, so it’s back to business. Actually, we have all been busy – the ball tournament, getting life cycle items done for the Centre and lighting upgrades, planning the clean-up which goes this weekend (as of this writing – should be good !!), etc. Does this sound familiar? We had the first board meeting of our new fiscal year Sept 4th – which I had to miss, unfortunately. So, I don’t have much to report on from that. No matter…

We found time for fun at the 3rd Annual Deer Run Slo-Pitch ball tournament on August 16 – 18. The weather was absolutely great!! It looked once like a storm system would move in late day but it dried up on the way and no rain. It was quite the event again, thanks to Paul Vansickle for organizing it and to the volunteers for coming out to help.

The teams were all in place early, some folks were even calling us enquiring about the event, having had a fun time in past years. It says something when the umpire that has worked the tournament in the past says we have one of the best events going. We had the beer garden happening, and followed all the legal requirements. The teams were all great folks – always expressing their appreciation and many helping out as well. About the only thing we need next year is more volunteers. I could not spend as much time out there as I hoped, but when there, even cleaning up was fun.

I guess the Jelly Bean dances and movie nights are back (in September). We alternate these so have a look in this Villager for dates and details. Probably the first one will have happened by the time you get this issue of the Villager.

Deer Run Halloween Patrol will run again (guess when?) – it is on a Thursday night, so hopefully it will be quiet. Past volunteers – you will be contacted. Anyone wanting in on the fun – call me, e-mail or leave your name and contact info at the Centre.

Our Annual General Meeting will be on Oct. 23rd – Wednesday. Besides some board positions to be voted on, we always have some important issues to bring up, money, mainly. We want to always be fiscally responsible, so if you have any concerns or questions, bring them with you. You can always call us to discuss.

Scaryokee !!! I think this is a go again and heard that it will be Oct. 26th… details in this Villager.

OK, I have had my say, once again. The only thing I have to add is… Everyone – don’t forget to get / renew your membership. You need a membership to vote at the AGM.

I hope this is not too short. Thanks to everyone on the board for all for your help, support, and friendship… there is a clue here…

– Don Zver

President’s Message September 2013

I have to get this in by today or not at all. Off to Fairmont on Sunday for a week of golf, beer, and warm weather. It has been a cool and wet one here for sure this summer. Well, we did have some hot days, and Lois and I have lucked out with all of our Tuesday golf league bookings – one week the organizer cancelled, but a few of us looked at the sky and said, heck, let’s go!! – and it was fine… sure can get weird stuff here in Calgary.

We had our annual Board meeting and Board Appreciation BBQ the end of July and though several folks were missing, we accomplished a bunch !! We have been in the black for a while, now, and the good trend is continuing. Work on the lifecycle renovations and improvements is progressing – has anyone noticed how much brighter it is in the Centre?? Wanda says that if we get certain work completed, then we will be in time to apply for another CIP grant. Bad news is we pooched out mower/tractor – an old tree stump was the villain – anyone have an extra one for sale – cheap??? The BBQ was a great time, as always, and of course, Alderman Peter Demong and his wife, Naomi enjoyed our hospitality, even though we turned him into a beer runner since we were too busy with the meeting to get our own. Peter tries to make it out for all of our board meetings and it is appreciated. He gave us an update on the City infrastructure post-flood. Did you know that he was out handing out coffee to the cops and firemen that were manning the blockades on Friday 21st? He was checking on all the wards, and since we were on evac alert, he was giving me updates by cell. We sure lucked out and had great weather for our BBQ. Big thanks to Lois, who did up the extra sides – she did all the work, and I took the credit (I guess for not burning the steaks too badly).
Once again we extend a special thanks to Nathan (and his boss, Gary) at the Co-op for getting us the very best steaks for this event. They have helped us out several times in the past. Thanks a bunch, buddy !!! Nathan is a neighbor living in Deer Run, and I know he and the rest in the meat dep’t work pretty darn hard… they should all get a raise. We have never been disappointed with the quality and service at ”our” Co-op. Next time you are going past the meat dep’t, say hello to Nathan, thanks.

Our Annual General Meeting has been scheduled for October 23rd. Some board positions may come open – please give me a dial if you are at all interested, so we can discuss your joining our group. Hey, news flash… you will get a new president, yahoo !!!! We will open up at 7 with the meeting at 7:30. We always have time for socializing afterwards, so if you attend, your first libation is on the house !! (hmmm – so is your second…).

Wanda Kemp and her organizing crew have a real good handle on the community clean-up scheduled for Sept 14th. You guys rock!! Look for more details on this event in this issue. Of course, here is my usual call for volunteers to help out. There are a number of folks that come thru time and time again, so think about it – we do have a lot of fun, and you will too. Note that this is a free deal. It sure would be nice to know that those taking advantage of this are supporting the DRCA with a membership… we probably will be asking about that at the “gate”. Get yours now !!!

Well, the concrete ice surface has been delayed a bit, but we hope to have construction permits, etc. soon, and then, it’s build time this fall !!! The darn flood has set back the development permit process at the City, but we should be ok. News flash – I like that term – we just got (literally since I first typed this on Friday, it is now Sat night) the detailed drawings from our construction management firm – going for quotes now !!!

I will give you an report in next month’s Villager on the Third Annual DRCA Slo-Pitch Tournament which goes Aug 16, 17 & 18. Paul has things well in hand once again… good work, buddy !! It should be a success… sure has been the last 2 years. There are teams that call us enquiring about it.. We got all 9 teams in place a while back… this is a very popular event… come on down to help if you can – we have a lot of fun

OK, I have had my say, once again. The only thing I have to add is that we always need support (and funds). Memberships are a constant issue. If you want me to stop ranting about this, buy one or renew yours. This is the right time of year – our year-end will just have passed as you read this. If you don’t have one, or have not renewed yours, think about it. There is no such thing as “I don’t use the facility”, or “my family is all grown up and moved on”. You have all seen the graffiti around us, and vandalism. People – in particular kids – need an infrastructure that provides a positive environment and activities that promote proper and healthy life choices. In order for us to maintain this, we need your support.

Thanks again for tuning in.

– Don Zver