President’s Message – October 2013

The DRCA Board’s summer hiatus is over, so it’s back to business. Actually, we have all been busy – the ball tournament, getting life cycle items done for the Centre and lighting upgrades, planning the clean-up which goes this weekend (as of this writing – should be good !!), etc. Does this sound familiar? We had the first board meeting of our new fiscal year Sept 4th – which I had to miss, unfortunately. So, I don’t have much to report on from that. No matter…

We found time for fun at the 3rd Annual Deer Run Slo-Pitch ball tournament on August 16 – 18. The weather was absolutely great!! It looked once like a storm system would move in late day but it dried up on the way and no rain. It was quite the event again, thanks to Paul Vansickle for organizing it and to the volunteers for coming out to help.

The teams were all in place early, some folks were even calling us enquiring about the event, having had a fun time in past years. It says something when the umpire that has worked the tournament in the past says we have one of the best events going. We had the beer garden happening, and followed all the legal requirements. The teams were all great folks – always expressing their appreciation and many helping out as well. About the only thing we need next year is more volunteers. I could not spend as much time out there as I hoped, but when there, even cleaning up was fun.

I guess the Jelly Bean dances and movie nights are back (in September). We alternate these so have a look in this Villager for dates and details. Probably the first one will have happened by the time you get this issue of the Villager.

Deer Run Halloween Patrol will run again (guess when?) – it is on a Thursday night, so hopefully it will be quiet. Past volunteers – you will be contacted. Anyone wanting in on the fun – call me, e-mail or leave your name and contact info at the Centre.

Our Annual General Meeting will be on Oct. 23rd – Wednesday. Besides some board positions to be voted on, we always have some important issues to bring up, money, mainly. We want to always be fiscally responsible, so if you have any concerns or questions, bring them with you. You can always call us to discuss.

Scaryokee !!! I think this is a go again and heard that it will be Oct. 26th… details in this Villager.

OK, I have had my say, once again. The only thing I have to add is… Everyone – don’t forget to get / renew your membership. You need a membership to vote at the AGM.

I hope this is not too short. Thanks to everyone on the board for all for your help, support, and friendship… there is a clue here…

– Don Zver

President’s Message September 2013

I have to get this in by today or not at all. Off to Fairmont on Sunday for a week of golf, beer, and warm weather. It has been a cool and wet one here for sure this summer. Well, we did have some hot days, and Lois and I have lucked out with all of our Tuesday golf league bookings – one week the organizer cancelled, but a few of us looked at the sky and said, heck, let’s go!! – and it was fine… sure can get weird stuff here in Calgary.

We had our annual Board meeting and Board Appreciation BBQ the end of July and though several folks were missing, we accomplished a bunch !! We have been in the black for a while, now, and the good trend is continuing. Work on the lifecycle renovations and improvements is progressing – has anyone noticed how much brighter it is in the Centre?? Wanda says that if we get certain work completed, then we will be in time to apply for another CIP grant. Bad news is we pooched out mower/tractor – an old tree stump was the villain – anyone have an extra one for sale – cheap??? The BBQ was a great time, as always, and of course, Alderman Peter Demong and his wife, Naomi enjoyed our hospitality, even though we turned him into a beer runner since we were too busy with the meeting to get our own. Peter tries to make it out for all of our board meetings and it is appreciated. He gave us an update on the City infrastructure post-flood. Did you know that he was out handing out coffee to the cops and firemen that were manning the blockades on Friday 21st? He was checking on all the wards, and since we were on evac alert, he was giving me updates by cell. We sure lucked out and had great weather for our BBQ. Big thanks to Lois, who did up the extra sides – she did all the work, and I took the credit (I guess for not burning the steaks too badly).
Once again we extend a special thanks to Nathan (and his boss, Gary) at the Co-op for getting us the very best steaks for this event. They have helped us out several times in the past. Thanks a bunch, buddy !!! Nathan is a neighbor living in Deer Run, and I know he and the rest in the meat dep’t work pretty darn hard… they should all get a raise. We have never been disappointed with the quality and service at ”our” Co-op. Next time you are going past the meat dep’t, say hello to Nathan, thanks.

Our Annual General Meeting has been scheduled for October 23rd. Some board positions may come open – please give me a dial if you are at all interested, so we can discuss your joining our group. Hey, news flash… you will get a new president, yahoo !!!! We will open up at 7 with the meeting at 7:30. We always have time for socializing afterwards, so if you attend, your first libation is on the house !! (hmmm – so is your second…).

Wanda Kemp and her organizing crew have a real good handle on the community clean-up scheduled for Sept 14th. You guys rock!! Look for more details on this event in this issue. Of course, here is my usual call for volunteers to help out. There are a number of folks that come thru time and time again, so think about it – we do have a lot of fun, and you will too. Note that this is a free deal. It sure would be nice to know that those taking advantage of this are supporting the DRCA with a membership… we probably will be asking about that at the “gate”. Get yours now !!!

Well, the concrete ice surface has been delayed a bit, but we hope to have construction permits, etc. soon, and then, it’s build time this fall !!! The darn flood has set back the development permit process at the City, but we should be ok. News flash – I like that term – we just got (literally since I first typed this on Friday, it is now Sat night) the detailed drawings from our construction management firm – going for quotes now !!!

I will give you an report in next month’s Villager on the Third Annual DRCA Slo-Pitch Tournament which goes Aug 16, 17 & 18. Paul has things well in hand once again… good work, buddy !! It should be a success… sure has been the last 2 years. There are teams that call us enquiring about it.. We got all 9 teams in place a while back… this is a very popular event… come on down to help if you can – we have a lot of fun

OK, I have had my say, once again. The only thing I have to add is that we always need support (and funds). Memberships are a constant issue. If you want me to stop ranting about this, buy one or renew yours. This is the right time of year – our year-end will just have passed as you read this. If you don’t have one, or have not renewed yours, think about it. There is no such thing as “I don’t use the facility”, or “my family is all grown up and moved on”. You have all seen the graffiti around us, and vandalism. People – in particular kids – need an infrastructure that provides a positive environment and activities that promote proper and healthy life choices. In order for us to maintain this, we need your support.

Thanks again for tuning in.

– Don Zver

President’s Message June 2013

Thanks to V.P. Kim Semeniuk for filling in last month with the Villager President’s message. Lois and I were in Mesquite NV for a couple of weeks the end of March through Easter. Got lots of golf in, lots of pool time, and yes, lots of entertainment.

Rink Situation:
We have an extension on our CFEP grant ($125,000) and with the matching CIIF (Federal) grant we are good to go !! We are in the process of applying for the development permit from the City. We have the contractor lined up, the construction method chosen, etc. Quite a bit different situation from last year, when we thought we were going to be down and out for the count. When I think of the grandiose plans we all had back long ago, this almost seems like a trivial operation. Not a chance! The process and work involved is not much different – just the dollar amount ! Getting at least the cement pad in place will be a huge boon to our community. Congratulations to the Rink Committee.

3nd Annual Slo-Pitch Tourney
The baseball tournament is a go again for this year and set for August 16-18. I just paid the reservation fee today. Thanks to Paul Vansickle, our Programs Director and (of course) the Rink Rat manager for organizing this event again. We can use some more fun-minded volunteers, so let us know if you can help. There should be a page dedicated to this event somewhere in this Villager or the next one.

Stampede Breakfast
This has become one of our best parties during the year. Mike, Sue and crew once again have things pretty much in hand. We sure could use some volunteer help with the event, so call in, or leave your name at the front desk at the centre when you come in to pay your membership renewal (or finally buy one).
Breakfast is FREE.  Saturday, June 22nd – 9 in the morning till about noon.
Oh wait ! did I say free??? Yes, it is, but really folks, this costs us quite a bit to put on, so this year, we are asking for a donation of a Toonie per person, or $5 for a family… but if you show your membership from DRCA (or a neighbouring community), it is optional (so if you want to donate, thanks). You can get your membership at the door, too. Plus, we will prorate the membership through to 2014.
We will also be doing fund-raising on behalf of the Centre, so bring some Loonies and Toonies regardless. There will be lots of games and draws. Details elsewhere in this Villager. We are expecting Alderman Peter Demong to do some pancake flipping again, so you may have a chance to say hello. There are all sorts of activities planned and of course, our main theme is as always, kids!!

A huge thank you to the staff from the Deer Valley Royal Bank! Several folks showed up on Sunday April 28 to work on whatever we needed done around the Centre. Several of them were repeats from last year, and it sure was great to have them out. It was a super day, so a lot of work was done outside. The parking lot got swept, Kim, Brian and Paul cleaned out the garage. There was a lot of junk that is gone. The RBC staff get an amount for their “community service” from the Royal Bank which they can donate to a charity of  their chosing – so they have again given it to us… a cheque for $1,000 !!!

We just received another CFEP grant cheque for repairs and maintenance items on our life-cycle plan. This is due to Wanda Kemp’s dedicated attention to the process of grant applications, and also to Sue Read, our Centre manager for keeping things on track with what needs done around here. Every year, we try to keep up with stuff.

Deer Run hosted Peter Demong’s April 20th Aldertalk session. It was well attended, there were a lot of folks from other communities, so it was great to know that we have a facility that is open and welcoming to everyone. We ran overtime as there was a lot of discussion and even some contentious issues. Lois thought Peter has the patience of a saint. Maybe it went smoothly because Blair and his Exec assistant, Lois (also) keep him on the straight and narrow !!! If you have ever thought about attending one of these, do it the next chance – it is surprising how much cross-information goes on. Don’t wait until it is here again – all are welcome to whichever community hosts it.

We had a marathon planning session on April 26 and 27. This is a requirement of the City now, when we renew our License of Occupation. Lisa Pichurski, with her partner Lisa Johnston put this on. It was mandatory for us to have 80% of the board present and the time commitment was 4 hours Friday eve, and most of Saturday (certainly the main part of the day). I just want to commend the board for their dedication and participation, only two of us that were missing were away for pre-arranged trips. We covered a ton of stuff, learned a lot, and now have probably the best sense of direction that I have ever felt our board could claim. A huge thank you to Lisa 1 and Lisa 2 for putting this on and putting up with us !!

Will Miss you:
Well, after so many years of involvement, serving on the Board, helping at the Centre, etc. Shawna Pitman has decided to spend more time with her family. The staff, the board, well everyone, will miss your presence, your humour, your whip-sting… well… Anyway, she is not GONE, just not around as much as before.

Thanks once again for putting up with my ramblings.

– Don Zver

May 2013 (Vice) President’s Message

Well you guessed it, you get stuck with me again since Don is off on Vacation again.

I would like to start by congratulating Kathy and volunteers for a great job on the annual Fun Casino. Was a great time, awesome food and a good assortment of door prizes and Silent auction items donated this year.

Looks like our Parade of Garage sales will be held June 1 this year, followed up on June 22 with our Stampede Breakfast.  The Breakfast is always a great time, we do get some grant funds to help us out on this event from Peter Demong, but we can’t do this without your help buying your memberships.  So if you don’t have yours yet, please go into the centre and get yours today at the front desk.

We have approved to place a clothing collection bin at the centre for Clothing For A Cause.  If you have any clothes that are in excess that are not earmarked for another Donation drop off centre please feel free to bring them to this bin.  They have agreed to empty the clothes on a constant basis, but by chance it might be full, please, if you can wait a couple days for it to be emptied, we would rather this than bags being dropped off outside of the bin.

Don will have further information in coming newsletter about our Park and Play program for this year and our 3rd Annual Slow pitch tournament, both coming up in Aug.

We also want to thank our Teen Volunteers, without them it would put a lot more work on the board hosting our events.

We are also looking for a book keeper/ Accountant for the centre, Sue Mitchell (Not Treasurer) who has done this for us many years has decided to move on.  Anyone interested can contact Sue Read to discuss what is involved.

Everyone enjoys the spring weather I hope finally comes by the time you read this!

President’s Message March 2013

Looks like winter is over for Calgary. Just in case, Lois and I booked a week in Cuba – leaving on Valentine’s Day. January was a bugger, 3 brutal trips to Manitoba (Lois’ home town of Swan River). No flying into there – 6 hours from Saskatoon, Regina, or Winnipeg. So we drove…through Saskatchewan in -25 or lower temps, whiteouts and snow and ice. All we could think of was “I need a vacation” NOW !!! Over all, though, this winter has not been THAT bad… no wait, yes it was… cold and we have a lot of snow still hanging around, but I truly believe the deep-freezes are done with.

Speaking of the weather, we just had the Family Skate Party on Saturday Feb. 9th. What a blast! Literally – a snow squall blew in just before 3. It only lasted 15 – 20 minutes or so, but it had everyone packing up. Then the sun came out again right after that. We managed to do the puck toss, and congrats to Jackson S. who managed to edge out Kim. Actually, Kim was gracious enough to concede a real close call to the young fellow. Well he should, since he didn’t throw his puck, Sarah Klein did for him, because Kim was the referee !!!
Otherwise, the day was perfect, the South side of the building was nice and warm. It was not biggest turnout, maybe due to only having the one ice surface (you have heard the story behind that, before). Everyone had a lot of fun.

Several of us (Kim, Paul and myself) had fun in the back bathroom with the flush mechanism failing. We finally cleaned out the other room that had not been used for years except for storage of cleaning supplies as it worked (amazing). Kim jumped in to be the janitorial service, and Paul got the plugged sink to drain. Sorry to the guys that were a bit confused with us leaving the “Ladies” sign on the door – that got modified in time, though.
Thanks to Alderman Peter Demong, who showed up to help, only to get pressed into service on the situation as well. He had to leave early, though, with a sick daughter at home (probably caught the flu that had swept thru the Aldermanic offices last week from Peter). Thanks to the Calgary Hitmen Hockey for sparing Farley to come out and have some fun with us, though he (or she) is not the greatest goalie.

It was very satisfying to all the board members, staff and volunteers that helped out. Big thanks to Chad Klein our sound man, and the band of beautiful young ladies that are kids of many of our board, staff and volunteers. The ice held up well. The Ice Crew has done a great job this year, the lack of snow lately has helped. Speaking of helping, the Skate Party (and activities like the Stampede Breakfast, Kids Xmas & Easter party, etc.) are FREE. We do ask the folks attending to pull out their wallet for a membership or renewal. I mentioned it during the event several times. Don’t know if many responded, if you did, thanks. We spend several hundred dollars on the Skate Party, and if we only get a few memberships… well, think about it… not much funding back to the Centre.

Huge thank you to Nicola Youle (who works with our CRC, Lisa). She brought out hot chocolate and a bunch of goodies to be handed out. Every kind of assistance like this is extremely welcome. It helps to keep our costs down… so we thank the City very much for kicking in the support.

Congrats to Crystal Dorohoy, winning the 50/50 draw at the Skate Party. Sorry if the spelling is wrong, but that is what I have scratched down. It was pretty funny, we picked a young fellow to draw the winning ticket, and darned if it wasn’t his mom’s !!!

Speaking of Peter Demong… he is always endeavouring to be involved, and to assist as he can. He is holding informal monthly meetings at each of the communities in his ward. It is a chance for anyone to have a personal discussion with him on topics that may or should concern him. A future Aldertalk in Deer Run is scheduled in April, I believe.

Blair Cunningham, who is the Ward 14 Assistant usually makes it out to our monthly board meetings, which is great, since Peter can’t always attend (but he tries – thanks for missing the last one, man – or keeping that flu to yourself!!!) In January, we mentioned that several neighbours have complained about the sewage plant smell. Blair did discuss this with Water Services and they offered that a representative could come out to meet with us. In talking about this, it seems that the best thing to do for now is to call 311. I know what you are thinking, but here is the thing: Call when you notice it, right away if you can. Give them as much information as possible, your location, when you noticed it, for how long, wind direction, temperature, etc. A couple of our board members are located right in the thick of it, as it were, so you have our “ear”… we will try to monitor as best we can.

The big thing to mark on your engagement calendar that is coming up is our annual Fun Casino. Anyone that has been to this event truly has enjoyed it. It is on April 6th and the theme is “Masquerade”… so costumes are in order (though always optional). We have a fund-raising silent auction going on, with a cash bar, of course, munchies, a late night snack, dancing too. Look for the details in this issue, and you can always check our web-site, too.
Advance tickets will save you money. Thanks to Kathy for putting this together. She needs help getting sponsorships, as well as “labour”. If you have a connection with an organization or business for something for the silent auction, give her a call.

I mentioned the Kids Easter Party. It will be on March 23 (well, again, I believe !!). The details will be in this Villager. It is a lot of fun, and once again, it’s free. We could use more volunteers. Maybe some of those folks whose kids got to come to this in the past, but are older now could help out ???

Oh, yeah… The DRCA Kids’ Used Clothing and Toy Sale event is on March 9th. Rachel has been doing a lot of work on this. Right now, there are still tables available, so even though you are reading this with only a few days to go, check on the status if you want to take a table. At least you have timely notice of being able to shop – till you drop.

Well, that’s it, thanks again for turning to this page for another month. Short and sweet, that’s the way it should be. Yeah, well…

– Don Zver

Happy New Year! President’s Message for January 2013

As things seem to always work out, Lois and I will be on our way to Manitoba again this year for Christmas. I would certainly be happier to be going to Cuba. Actually, we will be home for Christmas, and take off Boxing Day so we can also attend her brother’s 40th anniversary party. Then we join several good friends up east of Sherwood Park for New Year’s. We will of course be home when you read this.. too weird!!

It is tough to get my head around writing this, by the time you are reading it, it will be next year! I have to put my perspective in the future. Wait a minute, next Friday is the 21st, so why worry… the world will have ended… so I can write whatever I want.
Bye Everyone!

Our grants heroine, Wanda Kemp just got word that our Capital Conservation Grant from the city was approved. We had some small items along with a major lighting upgrade listed. It was for over $100K. A couple of things were left off, and we have to do regular lighting rather than going to LEDs, but we are not unhappy. What has been put off will be back on the table next year. Wanda is trying to get the CFEP (Provincial lottery funding) grant (which will match the CCG for 25% more) in by tomorrow. Hope she manages this, because we would get it by March, otherwise, we would have to wait until June on the next cycle. We have never had a problem with them, so indications are that will be ok. The biggest improvement to the Centre is the lighting, and it looks like it will save us thousands on annual electricity cost. Not as much of a savings as LEDs would give us, but the City had to take the capital up-front cost into consideration. Way to go (again) to the team.

Speaking of teams… Rink Rats – wow, something great happened !! Maybe my constant haranguing in the Villager helped, who knows, but a number of folks have stepped forward and Paul has enough volunteers to run teams every day. This is awesome !!! Thanks everyone.

Speaking of ice, we are still waiting to hear if the Federal CIIF grant will come our way. If it does, then we hope to get the development permit done quickly and start construction during this winter. In anticipation of this, only the West side rink area is being flooded for now. We don’t want the ground soggy for the excavation, etc. I think it is ready for skating now, some of you reading this may have enjoyed a skate during Christmas time.

Speaking of skating… our annual Skate Party will be on Feb 9th this year. It is a great event, with fun games, prizes, hot dogs, hot chocolate, firepit, and I believe we will have the skate exchange running prior to it again (mid – thru late January). Look for the announcement somewhere in this Villager. Once again I need to tell you all that events like this (it’s all about kids) are free to all comers. What supports the Skate Party, Kid’s Xmas Party, Easter Eggstravaganza, Stampede Breakfast, etc. – is MEMBERSHIPS. So here I go again, like a broken record… please help by buying a membership every year… thanks.

Speaking of the Kids Xmas Party, it will have happened on December 22nd, and I am sure that it will have been a great time… as always. The group of volunteers (several board members) putting this together are great, thanks again, gang.

Speaking of volunteers… we can always use extra hands for events. If you can help, just let us know that you want to join in the fun (and we do have fun).

Speaking of fun, January is a Jelly Bean Dance month because the family movie night was in December. It will be on the 18th

Our Alderman, Peter Demong is holding one of his monthly informal chat sessions at our Centre on April 20th. 1:00 to 4:00. These meetings are for Ward 14 residents and rotate around all the communities in his Ward. Each meeting is announced in the Villager and are open to everyone. Bring your kudus, concerns, or just come to hear about issues others may have that could impact you and your family.

That’s it, thanks again for reading… From all of us at DRCA, the very best to you for the New Year.

– Don Zver

President’s Message for December 2012

Here we go again, at least for another year. Yeah, you guessed it, no one wanted the job, so here I am writing the president’s message once more.

I have to tell you all about our AGM. We had trouble getting enough folks out to make quorum. Several of us were on our cells calling neighbours and people we know to come down to the meeting. This was at the last minute, and it was a bit hectic. I know that people are busy with family matters, dinner, etc. but this had been announced for a long time. Please, next year make an effort to get to the meeting.

I am proud of all the board members. They all worked hard during the last term, enthusiastic and efficient. Everyone should have gotten an award. In the front inside pages of the Villager are all the board member names – you may know them, maybe they are a neighbour, so when you see them around, say hi, and thanks.

We presented two volunteer appreciation awards, one to Bill Mitchell, who volunteers often, and has been called on to do some welding, fixing, etc. One time I found him doing some work in the gym garage – he had to move a ton of stuff out of the way and then back again to get at what he needed to. Now, Bill is not a youngster anymore, but he just did it – by himself!. We also give an annual award to a board member. It was our VP. Kim never shirks helping out, often with the heavy stuff, using his moving truck and even his crew. At the last community clean-up, there was more metal than the bin could handle, so he loaded the excess into his truck, unloaded it all on his driveway, and sorted out the more valuable copper, aluminum, etc. and then hauled it all to the recycler.

Elections: Almost the entire board have stayed on – we are sorry to see Shawna go, but family first and she has been a big contributor for years. Kathy McFarland took over as Social, and a newcomer, Terry Gallant stepped up to take over Capital Expenditures from her. Terry and Kathy know each other, he had volunteered to help with the rink crew and also came out for the Halloween Patrol. At the following board meeting on Nov. 7th, Paul Vansickle offered to move up as Programs Director, and we voted in Lori Froese to join Randy as a Director at Large. Lori had been at the AGM, and took interest in our group.

Halloween Patrol – we had fun, and had enough volunteers, but it was definitely un-exciting – being a Wednesday – and COLD. It was great to recognized by parents out with their children, and many of the older kids waved and yelled a thank you as we drove around. We have been doing this for a long time, close to 20 years, and have a reputation that Deer Run is a safe Halloween place. Thanks again to Chris and Lisa over on Deer Side – always a treat to stop by there for a warm coffee. Big thank you to Sue Read for being so organized, and all the volunteers: Sylvain, Mike, Bill & Sue, Matt, newbies Frans & Corrie, Terry, Andrew and Etienne for getting the radios for us to use. It was great to see some really neat displays. Nate’s on Deer Run Dr. was gruesome again.

The Scaryokee party was the weekend before Halloween, and everyone was playing the part. Lots of ghouls and fun costumes, and some of those characters in attendance could sing!! Because our gym was booked on the Saturday, it was held on Friday but was still fairly well attended and once more a real blast. This will be an annual event, so if you have not gone, make sure to next year. Kathy handled the bar with help from Lois and I, she even had a shooter app on her laptop and folks were game for anything. Kudus to those that showed up to help set up, decorate, and for the clean-up, (with a special thanks to Sue’s staff).

Speaking of volunteers: Janice Graham, a local realtor, had her (now annual) pumpkin give-away on October 27. They had pretty cool weather, but it went well. There were activities for kids, games, etc. and lots of give-aways. I saw some left over pumpkins in our Out-of School area later on for them to decorate (or desecrate). Our thanks to Jan for being a great supporter of DRCA for many years.

You know how we have been trying to get something done with a proper rink out back? Well, it might happen with some construction this winter, but we are still waiting on word on a Federal grant to match the CFEP money we have had in hand for a while now. Keep praying to the hockey gods. Thanks to Wanda and Sue for a last ditch plea to the grant folks who were thinking that this was not an upgrade to an existing facility, but new development. We think the pictures of our past skate parties might help, but really, what have the rink rats been flooding every year for ages???
Speaking of rink rats, remember my message last year? “We need volunteers. Here it is. If we don’t get help and lots of it (how about from those that have enjoyed using the rinks in the past??) there will be NO RINKS !! There you have it. Call us, please. Note that we have set aside a date for the annual skate party, so we have faith in you… we need you.” Well, we are doing better and have a few new volunteers, but of course can always use more. I know you read this every month. Thanks to Andrew and Terry for stepping forward. Hey Chris!! remember on Halloween night you said you might like to help out? Call Paul V. – he is the rat organizer.

Skating, that means the Skate party (February 9) but also that Christmas is coming. The Kids Christmas party is happening again on Dec. 22th. I hope that many of you will be able to take advantage of this… and help out if you can. Don’t forget to renew or pay your membership dues while you are at the Centre. Yes, I know, I have said it before, and you will hear it again until we hit 100% – it is important that everyone living in Deer Run support the community Association through memberships and involvement as well as volunteering.

Thanks again to Peter Demong, who not only said some real nice words about our group at the AGM, but gave us a cheque for $360 for community memberships that were sold at his BBQ back in September. There were other communities that benefited as well, so this is a great initiative of his. Peter also handed me a $400 cheque which I think was great, but I had to tell him my name is not spelled “Deer Run Community Association”. We will make good use of this, thanks, man.

Remember that we do a Christmas wish tree every year. It will be set up at the Centre – grab a tag off the tree (when you are in getting your membership) – purchase the item, and then drop it off, or a gift certificate. Etienne should also have the shoebox program going again at the Centre as well. I believe there will also be a food drive box out in the front area.

Well, that’s done for another month… or I should say… that’s Don for another month… Your DRCA Board, and our families wish you all the best for the Festive Season coming up… go safely wherever you go… see you next year.

– Don Zver

President’s Message for November

Here I am again…

I really appreciate Cindy’s patience over at Great News.. she saves some space for my reports (well, that is what they are called!!) as I always miss Rachel’s deadline.

DRCA had our third annual Community Clean-Up on Sept. 15. Lois and I missed it as we were in Croatia and Montenegro doing some touring and cycling. I hinted about that last month. It was a blast. Anyway, the clean-up went very well although they didn’t give us as many metal bins as in the past. Thanks to Kim for loading his moving truck and sorting through a full load that couldn’t fit the bin later – on his driveway. We make a bit of cash off the metals. Apparently we had 3 garbage truck loads – full. One truck had to make a trip to empty and come back. When time was up – they were worried we would not fit anymore junk. I guess we were turning people away at the end – the city crews were on a tight schedule. This event has gotten bigger every year, so we will have to tweak the timing next year so people are not disappointed. We had electronics collection and document shredding there, too. Thanks to Wanda, Kim and many others for organizing things and all the volunteers for helping. If you have taken advantage of this event, take a turn, and come out and help next year – we actually have a lot of fun!!!

Speaking of clean-ups: Remember back in the spring I wrote a thank you the employees of the Deer Valley Royal Bank for their day of service in April? This was the second year they have come out and volunteered on their Saturday day-off to do odd jobs around the Centre. We had them cleaning outside and in, shampooing rugs and chairs, and fixing up a bunch of tables. Well, again this year the Royal Bank has donated $1000 to DRCA on behalf of their employees. What a win-win situation! Sue Mitchell, Wanda Kemp and I met with Lois Anson, Manager Client Care and Greg Thomas, the new branch manager last week for the cheque presentation. And what a cheque! They had a big paperboard one for a photo op. Sort of like winning the Lotto. The real one we squirreled away. A huge thank you to the Royal Bank for this community support initiative of theirs, and to the folks at the Deer Valley branch for choosing Deer Run as their beneficiary.

The latest repairs at the Centre are pretty much done. The kitchen’s new counters are now accompanied by a brand new stove. A new suppression unit just has to be installed. There are things that people won’t notice, mainly emergency type stuff, lights and associated items. We have applied for additional grant funds for further work on the Centre that will bring our life cycle up to date. There is always something to fix up. You know, the building is about 30 years old now, and it is still serving us well.

Our AGM is being held Nov. 1 – as you are reading this, we will have a “new” board. Many of the current directors are staying on. More on this next month. Hope you made it out to the meeting, your support of the association is important.

Lois and I returned from Europe to some sad news in September. Marlene Cassidy’s husband, Joe passed away on the 22nd. Many of you that have been down at the Centre may have met Marlene at the front desk, she has been working with us for a while. All of us on the board, Sue, and the Centre staff are very glad that Marlene plans to stay on. She is like family. Now Joe… well, what can I say? The handout at the service for him contained a line or two about him… “Despite other people’s occasional discomfort, Joe was a completely honest man. He called a spade a spade. He was respectful of other people but he spoke his mind. Many of you have probably been witness to this.” Oh yeah, and how. The first time I met him, he and Eric were looking after the rinks. He asked to come to one of the board meetings and promptly ripped us up about funds to maintain equipment, etc. I was sitting there (fairly new to the board) with my mouth hanging open. I liked him immediately, and have ever since. Joe was one of our original Rink Rats and very dedicated. The things you find out about people is amazing: Joe played hockey as a kid, and was a referee for the WCHL, becoming referee in chief and was an official at the 1964 Lake Placid Winter Olympics. We will miss you, Joe.

There’s more…
No, there isn’t. Wait, yes, there is.
Thanks to Alderman/Councillor Peter Demong. Back in September (I missed that deal, too) he had his BBQ over by Trico. Anyone that showed up and needed a community association membership got it paid for by Peter. We got our fair share among all the other communities. If you benefited, thanks for supporting his event, and we would appreciate it if you renew your membership next year. To all those that have helped out with memberships – thanks… really.

Call, e-mail me if you want.

– Don Zver

President’s Message October 2012

I am seriously almost on time this month (it is Sept 7) and thinking that I must be getting good at this. Nawt! I am under the gun to do this now as Lois and I are heading to Croatia this afternoon. We will be back by the time you read this in the Villager. I know you won’t believe this but out of the almost 3 weeks gone, we will be spending a week on a 25 passenger cruise boat into Montenegro and back to Dubrovnik. On board overnight, for supper and breakfast and cycling during the day along the coast (hoping to meet up with the darn boat in the afternoons!!) Yeah… ME biking !!! Remember last month? This is the story of why we have been cycling so much this summer. I’m fine!! Still can’t remember what the heck, but fine, thanks for all the cards and letters (hah).

Join me in welcoming David Brooke as Membership Director. We voted him in at Wednesday’s board meeting. David is one of the rink rats and approached me about this at the Meltdown. Rather than wait until the AGM to come on the team, we have started early. We needed as boost in this area. Thank you for stepping up on this, man, looking forward to working with you. That makes 3 engineers on the board – next, the world!!

The OOS and Preschool enrolments have been great this fall. It means that poor Sue has had to work extra, but we will work towards additional staff.

Wanda has been working hard on the second round CCG grant. We almost had things in hand, but need a few more quotes to review as the costs were higher than the life cycle estimates we got and we have expanded the refit of the lighting to be throughout the building.

Scaryoke is a go again this fall. Check through this Villager for details and the theme (optional attire) for this event. We set the date for Friday, Oct. 26th due to a conflict in booking the gym, but it should be fine. If you have not been to one of these, you have been missing a fun time. See you there.

Note that our Annual General Meeting will be on Thursday, November 1st at 7:30 pm.
This is not just a boring meeting for board positions to be voted on, we have some issues and have to be fiscally responsible, so if you have any concern, bring them with you. You may not have anything on your mind now, but things come up at these meetings, so it is good to be there. You can always call me up and discuss, too.

Deer Run Halloween Patrol will be on the streets again this year (you know when) – it is on a mid-week night, so hopefully it will be quiet. Past volunteers – you will be contacted. If you don’t get a call, please contact me and anyone wanting in on the fun – call me, or leave your name and contact info at the Centre.

Speaking of pumpkins… Our dear friend, Jan Graham (who no longer lives in Deer Run but supports us every chance) is once again holding her Great Pumpkin Give Away event. I am pretty sure it is written up somewhere in this issue, but mark down Saturday, the 27 to come on down and grab a free pumpkin (with the hope that you buy or have bought your DRCA membership, of course. This is a great event to meet some of the board members, ask questions, and maybe get an idea of what will go on at the AGM.

OK, I have had my say, once again. Next month.

– Don Zver

President’s Message September 2012

Here it is Monday the 13th (yes, go ahead and say it). But I have an excuse… and a reason for being a bit late.

I wanted to wait until our 2nd Annual Slo-Pitch tournament happened so I could have something else to write about than just the usual plea for memberships.
I also had a “situation” on Friday (1st day of the tournament). I kinda lost concentration cycling with Lois Friday afternoon in the park. I guess my momentum gets me going a bit faster than her. The last thing I remember was my front tire trying to ride up the back of her bike. I had my first semi-conscious moment in the ambulance – mumbling that this whole thing sure was confusing. After a spell in the Rockyview for X-rays and a CT scan, I realized that I was missing the games at the Centre. I’m fine – bruised and scraped, but fine. I can say this for sure… Tide is pretty good, but it DOES NOT get out grass stains on a white golf shirt like the TV lady says. Maybe the weeds by the trail to “Sue Higgins” bridge down below Deer River Estates are tougher than any detergent made by man.
Tell you what, though, anyone that rides without a helmet is crazy! Mine is cracked, now, which is the better alternative. We have been cycling a lot lately (another story for next time), and I have seen quite an alarming number of folks riding without a brain-bucket. Hope they buy their DRCA memberships before heading out.

Well, you take your pick of the reason or the excuse, but it works out to the same thing timing-wise.

So… the Slo-Pitch Tournament…
What a party !! We made it out to the centre Saturday afternoon and evening to help out a bit (there were a bunch of board members there, so it was easy). Great weather, good crowd, lots of fun, lots of libations. Both winners and losers all said our tournament is the most fun of many that they have been to. The umpire from NSA made a special point of signing up for our games again this year.
Paul Vansickle deserves a big bouquet for organizing this event again. Of course, he had lots of help from many others, Sue, Rachel, wife Amy, Kim, Brian, Shawna, Kathy and her girls, esp. “tub-girl” Alley, Sue M & Bill, Wanda & Eldon, Mike, Bobby and on and on. I know I have missed some of the board and volunteers that made it a success because I was not there that much myself (and when I was there, I was not much there – ya think?)… thanks to everyone, the teams that participated and the players that helped out as well.
The 1st place team, the “Hardly Done” (same team that won last year) once again donated back their winnings (entry fee refund). The 2nd place team followed suit with their amount. That was absolutely fantastic, sure helps our bottom line. That’s pretty considerate of the Hardly Done, since the trophy they got presented had the bat broken off (it’s now on my workbench). That actually happened last year. Crazy Glue can’t stand up to the handling, and Bobby, chewing gum is not a solution.

Our next big event coming up is our Annual Community Clean-up. It is scheduled for Saturday, September 15th. This is the third year for us, and we apparently will have the shredding back this year. We make some money on metal, so bring your old appliances, BBQ’s, etc. Copper and Aluminium are a treasure. Electronics, old computers, etc. make us some cash, too. Of course if you have some construction waste, and stuff that you can’t quite fit into your black garbage bin, that’s what the City compactor trucks will be there for. Recycling bins will also be provided. If you have a bike that is road-worthy we can find a home for it. I have our 2 old bike helmets that I will arrange to be given to whoever needs them. A big thanks to Wanda, Kim, Sue and many others for organizing this again. Details will be somewhere in this Villager, and again in September’s issue.

The repairs happening around the Centre have pretty much been completed. Come on down and check out the gym floor. It looks absolutely new!! Painting has been done in various places, and we have new counters in the kitchen. Of course, you are going there anyway to get your membership. We are now just waiting for our new oven and stove.
This was all due to grant money from the City and Province. We are now planning to move ahead with some of our left-over life-cycle items. They are not big-ticket items, but with the increase in the Capital Conservation Grant (City) amount and being able to go for another CFEP (province) grant to offset it, we will apply the excess money to some energy efficiency initiatives to save us more money.

Remember that CFEP grant for the rink project?? Well, we were hoping for some outside funding to match it, but that fell through, unfortunately. Our thanks to Joe Reid for trying so hard to help us. HOWEVER, we got alerted to a federal grant opportunity that was, as Wanda said “made for us”. We got approval from the City to apply, and that has gone in. Should we get it, the rink will happen !! Oh, not the full-blown deal, but a real concrete pad to start with at least. We could very well do some construction during the winter (piles and welding rebar), and pour in the spring. Later, we will try for money to proceed with boards, etc. All that praying to the hockey gods I asked you to do last month has worked so far – keep it up !!! I’ll tell you, when we had the Rink Rat Meltdown BBQ (our thanks again to Nathan at the Co-op), the poor rats that have toiled flooding the darn dirt area sure were excited over the prospect of some concrete for winter 2013.

That’s it, thanks again for reading…

– Don