All Members … Brief Special Meeting Called … Aug 8th at 5pm

We are asking all members to attend a VERY brief meeting on August 8th. Lots of people will be on vacation which is why it is imperative that any one who can come … come.

We passed the new ByLaws at last years’ October AGM and submitted them to the province for adoption. They had 2 small adjustment requests

  • any decision about new bylaws needs 75% of the vote to pass (changed from 2/3rds) in section 11c (page22)
  • it needed to be clearer on how members could request that directors AND executive directors be removed from office so we stated both types of “directors and executive officers” instead of “directors” in section 6.5 (page 10)

The whole set of updated bylaws (July edits requested by the province) are at this link. To compare to the bylaws submitted and passed last fall at the AGM are at this link. They are the same except sections 11c and 6.5.

President’s Message October 2015

Wow, we had another successful month.

We got a lot cleaned up at the community center. Thank you to everyone that helped in the internal clean up of the center prior to the trucks showing up. Etienne wrote this, I did tweak it some but he did such a good job I had to use it.

2015 cleanup. Thank you volunteers. Thank you Deer Run. Continue reading

Presidents Message Mays 2016

Well this has definitely been the earliest that i have seen the trees with leaves and my tulips flowering. We have had an amazing winter so far but am holding to the rule of placing the garden in till long weekend as there is some cooler weather still to come, short blasts. but still some snow.

With another successful fun money casino behind us, I would like to thank Lori Froese for organizing the event, with help of many other from the bored that worked on getting items from local businesses of door prizes and silent auction items. I will have a full list of the local business for next newsletter. When out shopping, please be sure to give them any business to meet your needs.

Our next function is June 18th which is our Stampede Breakfast which is aways a great time for the family. In August, we will have our Annual slow Pitch Tournament and September 10 is our Community Clean Up, so please mark these date on your calendar.

That is all for this month, Wishing you all a good one and hope we get the moisture we need without it turning cold.


President’s Message August 2015

This will be a short one since I was able to cover most things last month and we don’t usually have a board meeting till August to discuss pending issues from summer.

We should be 1/2 way done getting our much needed new gym floors installed by the time you read this.

Two things coming up are our annual slow pitch tournament (Aug 14, 15) and our annual community clean up (Sept 12) more info in the villager.

Hope everyone is having a great summer and chat with you next month.

President’s Message July 2015

Schools out for this year, Record temperatures and another successful stampede breakfast. Special thanks to Mike Isakeit for once again spearheading this event, Etienne Bley for keeping the games for the kids flowing and the many volunteers who helped out. Was nice to see Peter Demong and Richard Gotfried out to help us celebrate our 35 th Anniversary. Peter even dressed up with goggles and a smock allowing folks to throw pies at him to help raise funds for charity. I unfortunately had to work, so after helping set up had to leave, appreciate Continue reading

President’s Message June 2015

More good weather with even warmer weather on its way, we have definitely been spoiled again and I am for one not arguing.

I missed a few folks in last month’s letter thanking them for their contributions towards the Fun Money Casino.

Thank you goes out to Gina Manian-Juenesse, House of Ohm, Heritage Park and Johnny’s Hobby.

Upcoming Events are listed on the right side of our webpage.

We were also updated on status of our skatepark. It will not be built until 2016-2017 now as the process has taken longer than expected but still in works, at least. Anyone that can help we are looking for Volunteers for the Stampede Breakfast. As it is our 35th Anniversary our regular volunteers will be stretched thin with all the activities planned. We will also be setting up tables showcasing local crafters and businesses. If you might be interested, contact Sue Read at the centre.

See you all at the Stampede Breakfast!


President’s Message May 2015

This is going to be a quick letter as Great News has extended my deadline enough, MIL had a heart attack and I have been tied up.
Would like to thank everyone who contributed to our Fun Casino, it was a great event, especially the companies and individuals who donated for our silent auction. Donors are featured on our website here.

Upcoming events are listed on the right of our web page.

As some of you know we are celebrating our 35 year this year and are looking for old pictures, stories/memories to share with everyone. We have some members that have been here since the community was founded and looking towards them to come forward to share some of the many reasons why this community is so great. Please either email info at – or drop o to the front desk at community centre. Thank you in advance.

There has also been some interest put forward from residents to renew/redo our signs for our community, what are your thoughts? Any ideas for designs can also be forwarded to myself. We have two of them, one on Canyon Meadows drive and the other on Bow bottom Trail.

We are also being asked to  fill out a letter to ensure our voices are heard in regards to  food mitigation. These can be either downloaded at our website or available at front desk of centre.
Sounds like Deer Ridge and our Paving will commence in July, looks like during stampede, so take extra caution on way back home from Stampede events please.
Going to call it there, think that covers the things I been asked to bring up. Till next month

We have the best volunteers. Kids Christmas party was excellent.

Volunteers …. THANK YOU! The kids Christmas party was a very very large success that could not have happened with out all the hard work. An extra thanks to all the grade 5 & 6 volunteers who created the games, prepped, practiced the games and ran all the fun stations for the younger kids to enjoy. This is the youngest group I have ever worked with to run an event but ironically it was the smoothest run event I have ever done. We had so many new volunteer faces and I am excited to see so many new people in our community so excited to give back. Thanks also to Lori for her first successful event, learning the ropes and putting up with all of us. Peter Demong, your city representative, has told us a few times that Deer Run has some of the best family events in the city. So why is Deer Run so great!? Well because you care and take the time to volunteer. THANKS VOLUNTEERS!