All Members … Brief Special Meeting Called … Aug 8th at 5pm

We are asking all members to attend a VERY brief meeting on August 8th. Lots of people will be on vacation which is why it is imperative that any one who can come … come.

We passed the new ByLaws at last years’ October AGM and submitted them to the province for adoption. They had 2 small adjustment requests

  • any decision about new bylaws needs 75% of the vote to pass (changed from 2/3rds) in section 11c (page22)
  • it needed to be clearer on how members could request that directors AND executive directors be removed from office so we stated both types of “directors and executive officers” instead of “directors” in section 6.5 (page 10)

The whole set of updated bylaws (July edits requested by the province) are at this link. To compare to the bylaws submitted and passed last fall at the AGM are at this link. They are the same except sections 11c and 6.5.