December 2013 President’s Message

I would like to start by thanking Don Zver for not only helping organize the Halloween patrol for many years (18+ year it has been in operation) but also leading our community for more years that is normally asked of our board volunteers. High five to you man, hope I can do a portion of what you have accomplished in your term as president.

Speaking of Halloween patrol, I would like to thank all the drivers and volunteers for helping keep our kids and streets safe this year. Also to Peter Demong for having his annual BBQ, we received a cheque from him for the sale of 32 memberships that were acquired there paid for by various sponsors and himself.

Ok, we have a large list of items to cover this month, always busy after our AGM. We presented three volunteer appreciation awards, Kathy McFarland who helps us out even though she no longer lives in Deer Run, Eldon Kemp who helps out at a number of functions but also puts up with us stealing Wanda’s time with grant applications, and our own Sue Read who has always gone over and above her job description. Welcome to new board member Kelly Sigethy who will be taking over as newsletter director, he also doesn’t live in Deer Run, but we have such a great group and his niece lives here he wanted to be a part of it.

Some items covered at the AGM was the rink project which is looking like it might have to be shelved for now. Bids came in approx. 300k over our projected cost of 276k. Some of the contributing factors as far as we can tell are construction companies are so busy from the June Flood as well we hear concrete prices have gone up. We have briefly looked at possibly doing ashphalt instead but that came in over our original budget as well. We have determined upon research that our original geotechnical report was geared toward the refridgerated ice we originally started working on which in turn has jacked up costs across the board. With these delays we are getting some pressure from our grants CFEB and CIIF. Upon meeting with Peter and a number of City of Calgary representatives along with Don, Wanda and myself it was determined that we should apply to have CFEB realucated(as we cannot apply for any others until it is settled) to some of our life cycle plans and our tractor. This will leave us short of funds for the rink now, unless we can come up with some additional funds right quick in conjunction to an alternate plan for the rink it will have to be shelved. We did also approve to spend up to 25k on replacing our broken and aging weight room equipment, ( we will be applying for grants to try and cover this).

Upon you reading this we should have our tractor which replaces our old mower that we have been having so much trouble with, and allows us to remove snow from our parking lot and rink on a more timely mannor(as we have been hiring external contractors to do this and at their schedules mercy). On this note we are looking for volunteers that may have time to help with the Rink this year so we have an ice for our Kids! I am also asking for one or two volunteers that could help clear snow from the sidewalks as by the time the rink crews are able to do it in the evenings the snow is already packed down.

Some events and new items coming up.

  • Samaritans purse (shoe boxes) is up and running
  • Nov 22 the Xmas wish Tree will be up, come by and grab a tag to help out some families
  • Dec 14 Kids Xmas Party
  • Food Drive box

We have also had some developments in our movie nights, we needed to get a new licence to continue to provide this service. Not cheap, but also allows us to get new releases up to 6 weeks prior to DVD release dates. We are going to try and keep this a free family event, excluding any of the special nights where the new releases are showcased. If you are using this event, donations will be accepted and we ask instead of bringing your own snacks help us by supporting our concession.

Our Poor cellular service might be coming to an end! We received notification that a Telus Cell Tower will be erected at the Fish Creek Water Treatment Plant (1901- 153 ave SE)

We do all this and more! Purchasing your DRCA membership goes a long way. We will be redoing our forms both online and in the villager for our memberships. Included in the new form will be having a box for volunteers, if this is something you would like to contribute a little time towards some of our events. As you know many hands makes light work! Lori Froese is our new Volunteer Coordinator and will be meeting with Rachel, Etienne and Kelly to set up the format.

With this time of year I am going to put out another idea to help DRCA out. DRCA is a Federally Registered Charitable Organization, one of a few communities to have this status. Prior to Dec 31, if you feel you need further right offs to limit the amount of tax you will be paying out, Think of Donating to us! We can issue tax deductible receipts for any donations over $20. This will allow us to better apply for grants as the rules for some of these have changed(requiring us to have more of our own funds up front and be reimbursed). Also if desired you can earmark the funds to be directed to the rink and we can slowly start to pull this project off the shelf.

There is more but will wait for another issue. Randy Petrie shared with us a story the other day when we were cleaning the garage for the upcoming Rink flooding season (Yes Volunteers are still needed). His son was walking home one night across the field playing his music and BOOM! was knocked flat on his butt, as he got back up to his feet, he noticed what had struck him in the chest, a deer regaining its feet. Must have been one of the ones we have seen walking by our front door this last week and that all the local dogs have been barking a storm at. I guess that is how we got our name Deer Run.

Wishing everyone and their families a safe and merry Xmas.

Talk to you in January.