November President’s Message

Here I am again… for now

Peter Demong’s community BBQ went on Sat. 21st. Very well attended. Interesting, but most of the communities in his ward had tables so that residents of each could take advantage of the free memberships which he pays for out of donated funds from various local merchants. We must have had close to 30 Deer Run folks visit a very patient David Brooke and sign up for DRCA.

What is amazing, is that I am pretty sure only Queensland and Deer Run had people show up to help with the cooking and serving. Thanks to Kathy, her daughter Lindsay, Courtney Moule, Mike I. and a friend of his (sorry – ?). Of course Sue Read represented us and Queensland at the same time. There were some others, but I didn’t have a chance to get introduced. Peter has told us that the Deer Run board is the best for support. Way to go, us!!

I was busy and hard work, but regardless, Lois and I had fun, plus the burgers from M&M were darn good !!

The donations and support from Deer Valley merchants like M&M,  Sears,  DV Co-op, etc. make Peter’s event possible… and it is all to the benefit of the communities, a passion of his. Thanks, man.

DRCA’s annual community clean-up held on Sat. 14th was a huge success once again. Wanda and Kim with the help of many others had this perfectly organized.  We may not have quite filled the metals bins, but the electronics fellow was happy, and Kim took a lot of reusable items to the thrift store. About 10 bikes were taken for refurbishment and distribution to those needing a “new” bike. Several folks that came to drop stuff off, noticed the arrangement of reusable items, and left with something they thought they could use. Sorry that the shredding outfit could not make it – it is too costly for them, hopefully we can figure something out for next year. Also, sorry to the folks with car batteries that got turned away… just a communication breakdown. We did get some and it was funny, Kim was wondering why we were not getting very many. We make a bit of money on them, as he has a contact that buys batteries.

The weather was perfect, we all had fun. There was coffee and donuts early on, with really good subs for lunch. The operators from the city were great, very enthusiastic and friendly. About the only thing would be that we sure could use more volunteers. Mark it down for next year, come out with your stuff, but if you can stay to help, we have rewards after it closes.

Thanks to all the volunteers, you know who you are. Thanks to those that took out or renewed their DRCA memberships that day, and everyone that contributed to the donation box.

There’s more… No, there isn’t… just to say thanks to everyone – it has been a blast.

– Don Zver