President’s Message April 2015

Another gorgeous month in the books! Since I came to Calgary in 1977, this was the nicest winter I can remember. On March 4th we had to make the call that the rink was done as the forecast was too warm to try keep it any longer.

I would like to thank all the Rink Ratz that helped this year. Considering the warm weather, we kept a good ice. At one point we even had ice when Glendale Community Association didn’t. I play hockey with their president and had to rub in the fact since theirs is usually still there after ours has melted. This prompted him to spend a day and put six layers on so their volunteer group could have one more hockey game.

March was a busy month for functions at the centre. I would like to thank Brian Moule for organizing a Scotch tasting with Evan Eckersley from Willow Park Wines and Spirits. He is one of their Scotch experts and can answer any questions you might have with regards to Scotch. It was good times, good food and of course some excellent selections of Scotch, with proceeds going to the centre.

Week after we had our Fun Casino with silent auction, proceeds once again going to the centre. Thank you to Lori Froese for organizing. And the week after that we had our Annual Kids Easter Party, where we had some gift baskets, draws, and all games and activities were free. Thank you to Eitienne Bley and Lori Froese for organizing this event. Also, thank you to Rachel Noto for once again using her volunteer hours to obtain tickets from WestJet for us to raffle off. I think the draw was to be made at Easter Party.

Reminder, June 20 is our Annual Stampede Breakfast. Buying your Deer Run Community Memberships allows us to coordinate functions such as these. So please, if you don’t have yours you can either go online at or at the front desk of community centre and purchase yours today.

Special thanks to Calgary Park Foundation and Susan Tam. Susan managed to get us a grant from Calgary Park Foundation in the tune of $83,000 to replace our gym floor. You will see that work happening at the center this summer.

Hope everyone gets out and enjoys our nice weather and we get a reasonable amount of rain for our gardens and farmer friends this spring.

Until next month,

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