Presidents Message – June 2016

Been a nice couple months since my last letter. We managed to get most of our garden in here and at our farm. Having help from co-workers and family sure helps this happen easier.

I was driving to an appointment today from our store in Forest Lawn/ Dover and pulled behind a trailer from Greater Forest Lawn Senior Citizens Society. It was for their Snow and Mow program and thought it was a great idea for our community. I would like to hear from you about your thoughts. I know many of us already help neighbours as we can, but if you know someone who could use a hand or would be willing to help those in need. If we have a good response on both sides we could use some folks to step up and help coordinate as well. Let me know your thoughts (contact us online) !

As I write this letter we have had our Stampede Breakfast. What a great event once again! Was our first one in some time without the Batter Boys from Stampede. Turns out we are victims of our own success as they are geared to smaller celebrations than ours, our next stage we will have to pay for the caravan from Stampede. Mike, Sue and Etienne did a great job of organizing and recruiting volunteers. Our community stepped up with lots of volunteers and the some of the stampede folks came to help as well. Thank you to all that helped this event to keep being a success. I don’t know the exact numbers but our count had over 1,000 people enjoy this year. We did our best to keep up with the line up, even fired up the stove in the kitchen to keep things moving. Thank you to all our folks that allowed people to throw pies at them raising funds ($220) to support Fort Macleod. Special Thanks to Peter Demong and Richard Gotfried, promise we will get the disposable rain coats for next year so you don’t have to change before your next functions. We appreciate you coming serving the food and all that you do for our community. Was also a pleasure to see Ted and Anna out who used to run the Deer Valley Shoe Repair. Anna tracked me down during a break from the kitchen to say hi. We are always learning how to improve these events and will take a look to see how we can make it even better for next year.
Speaking of we will be taking a break this year on hosting our Annual baseball tournament, we will look at doing it again next year but had some changes this year that made it unfeasible to do. We are looking at doing something in the fall instead this year and will keep you updated.

Peter updated us on skatepark, they have closed tenders, and are waiting to award contracts with possibility to start next spring. His annual BBQ at Southcentre is set up for September 24 from 11-2. You may have noticed our street lights being replaced with new LEDs, the entire city is to be completed by late 2016. The work on Ivor Strong Bridge is completed two weeks early allowing them to open it up again during rush hour. Thank you to the crews for helping get this cleaned up for us as many were getting caught in the traffic. Also ATCO gas crew has almost finished on Bow Bottom Trail, just working up the hill to Parkland. Thank you goes to them as well as many of you have witnessed they were fast in laying down the new high capacity pipeline.

Thank you to Richard Gotfried for presenting us with a check from our latest round of CFEB grants for repairs to the center. Also join him for his Stampede breakfast July 9 from 11-2 at his office.

I believe my notes are correct for dates for Park and Play: Deer Ridge Aug 8-12
Queensland Aug 15-19

If you’re looking for something for your kids to do this summer, the centre offers different camps for them throughout the summer. Check the centre (403 278 3117) for availability.

We also had Matt Forest our CRO to our latest board meeting. Thank you Matt and all police/fire and volunteers that have helped up in Fort Macleod. He mentioned we are doing pretty good for crime in our area. Our numbers are up on car prowlings, but could be that we are finally reporting incidents more. If you notice this happen to you please report even though nothing may have been stolen (can be done at www.calgarypolice. ca). It helps Matt get additional resources and officers into our area to help stop this.

Attended the Calgary Police Commission Community Dinner and Community Policing Awards. Good to hear all the good that people and our officers are doing. Thank you to Inspector Keith Cain for hosting our table. Didn’t get a chance to say but was sorry to hear about our mom losing her house in Fort Macleod. I am sure many of you know people effected by the fire and have done lots to help. Remember how long it took folks to recover from our floods (some are still recovering), any long term help you can give will be needed.

I believe Wanda mentioned Deer Park United Church has become an official Food Bank drop off location. Give as you can as I know some in our community are still be- ing affected by our recent downturn.

Thank you to the Calgary Oval for the donation of some official hockey nets for our rink, as some of you know our store bought ones were getting beat up. Great job Dave on tracking these down. Also thank you to all the sponsors from our annual Fun Casino. Click here for a list of our donors, their banner is also rotation at the left of the home page.

Still to come September 10 is our Annual Community Clean Up. Please make sure you have your community membership, if not it can be purchased on site, on the website, or at front desk at any time. Donations are always welcome.

As the kids are about done school, enjoy your time with your family and friends. Have a drink, steak or even a tea for me.


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