President’s Post – December 2014

Well another AGM done. I would like to congratulate and thank our volunteers of the year. Lois Zver (she took on making our kitchen spotless), Chad Klein (even though he is on staff, has helped every time required and volunteered at many of our functions throughout the year) and one of our own board members, Wanda Kemp (who submits our grants and keeps us on track).

I would like to also thank Wanda for all her hard work as she is stepping down to a director at large position this year due to some time constraints. We were fortunate that Susan Tam stepped up to fill the open spot. Also, in director at large position, Lydia Ann Fox has joined. Thank you to both of these ladies for coming forward and being part of our new board.

After almost 40 minutes of phoning people on our friends list we finally hit quorum (and I don’t have many friends). Even though we only had basic items on list to approve, it is important that you come out so we can get the meeting going on time (It only took 30 minutes from the time we started) and you have your say as important matters come up. Do we have to threaten to increase community memberships, start having membership fees taken directly off with your city property taxes, or even when we had our best turn out development of the surplus school site next to the community centre?

The community only works with your help! It only takes 20 voting members to hold the meeting, in which we already have over half with board members present. Sad, out of 2,300 houses in the community. Enough of my rant, but I think you get how important the AGM is.

Thank you to Peter Demong. His assistant Blair was at our monthly meeting beginning of November and handed us a cheque from Peter’s Annual BBQ in which he hands out free memberships to residents of the communities in his ward via sponsors. This year we got a cheque for $3,120 as we were fortunate that our community clean up coincided the same day and Peter allowed us to take memberships there as well. December 1, the Christmas Wish Tree will be up at the centre. Please go by centre and take a tag to make sure some of the less fortunate families in area have a good Christmas. Santa is coming to the community centre at our Kids Christmas Party on December 14; bring the little ones out to visit St Nick.

We have been approached by the school as well to resurrect our rink project. They are interested in putting together a hockey program and might have some donor with money to help. We are presently putting together a joint committee to explore the project. If you know of a corporation that has grants/ funds available please forward them to us. Also remember end of year is coming and, as a registered charity, the DRCA can give tax deductable receipts for donations. Keep your tax dollars locally rather than it going to Ottawa. Remember, if you want them to go to the rink project, you must specify at time of donation or will be allocated to the community centre.

Speaking of the rink, we have been starting to flood it and, by the time this letter comes out, we should have the ice up. If anyone has time to spare a few hours a week we are setting up teams at the moment. Contact Brian Moule to add your name.

That is it for this rant.

Have a safe Christmas and chat again in January 2015.

P.S. Yes you have to put up with me for another year, no
one wanted my job.

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