Easter Thanks Deer Run Teen Leadership Club and Volunteers

Thanks to all the Grade 8 Leadership club and the Jr. Grade 5-6 team for all the planning and fundraising. This year’s teaching point for our club was fundraising. They all didn’t want to do it but by the time 1 hour rolled by, 3 girls raised $1200+ cash from our awesome community donors. “Here – let me do this one” was the last few comments I remember hearing. A total of $1900 in donated gifts and services was raised – PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS (click the pic for bigger view – a local red logo’ed bank was not allowed to post online)

135 kids and just as many parents came for an Egg Hunt, carnival games, crafts and concession. A few key adults Jana, Mike B, Cherise and Sue pulled this together. MANY THANKS. What a great community.