Proposed Skate Park addition to Deer Run Community

UPDATE: August 2015.  Due to rising costs of construction the remaining skate parks will be done but delayed to 2016 while the new prices are obtained and a new project schedule is developed. We are still on the list. Thanks to our Alderperson Peter Demong for that update and for being so tenacious on getting updates. He is as excited as we are about getting it.

In partnership with The City of Calgary, the Deer Run Community Association is in the process of planning for a proposed Skate Park located in Deer Run. We invite you to take a look at the information available to learn more about this exciting project.

Where will the park be located?

There are two proposed sites in the green space of Deer Run. Site A and Site B. (See diagram below)Deer Run proposed skate park locations

What will the value be for Deer Run?

We think the community can benefit from offering youth a place to skate board safely (currently they are skate boarding in the parking lot). Aside from the health benefits we also feel a well designed facility can have alternative uses for the off-season.

Will the skate park impact other sports?
No. We want the skate park to be an addition to the many sports that are already being played in the green space around the community centre (baseball, soccer, football etc.)

More information can be found at the City of Calgary’s website here: