We prefer email bank payments rather than CC / Paypal to the D.R.C.A

Did you know that your dollar goes further if you use a bank transfer? What we are asking all of our members to do for payment is to use these pages and avoid using paypal but instead, get the total and log into your bank. You can make payments to our email address

finanace – at – deerruncalgary.com (don’t copy/paste – it is in the funny format here on the web, so spam bots don’t spam our poor community centre staff.)

Thanks for helping make our dollars stretch further by using bank transfers and avoiding the large credit card fees.

Some banks don’t have bank transfers set up. Here are a few banks’ help pages to get you going: Scotia Bank, TD Canada Trust, CIBC, Royal Bank, (there are LOTS more) etc. etc. Please go to your bank and send a transfer to our email address.


OR Continue with CC/Paypal anyways …